44.Pre – Devotion

Storms are incredibly powerful. Lightning can illuminate the darkest sky, set fire to a building, and even kill people. Floods can destroy people’s belongings and wash away crops. It may take many years to rebuild a town after a tornado or hurricane hits.

Storms can be scary to watch from inside our homes, so it’s hard to imagine how scary it would be to sail a small boat through a storm. The wind and the waves would toss the boat around, taking away the sailors’ control. When storms hit while the disciples were sailing, they might have wondered if they would ever make it safely to shore.

While the disciples feared for their lives, Jesus took a nap and walked on the water! The disciples thought He was crazy! How was He not scared? Jesus wasn’t scared of the storms because He had power over the storms. He was able to walk on the water, and the storms stopped when He told them to be still. The disciples knew that Jesus was truly God because only God has power over storms.

Sometimes we face real storms, but we also must face other powerful “storms” in our life. Things like getting sick, moving far away, and standing up against evil are scary. We can be brave and face these storms because we know that God has power over them. God is always with us, and He gives us peace. He always takes care of us, and someday He will bring us safely to heaven, where we won’t face any more storms.

  1. How does God help us when we face storms and scary situations?
  2. What “storms” have you experienced in your life? How did God help you make it through them?
  3. Jesus showed His glory and power amid the storms. How can God use “storms” in our lives for His glory?

Let’s pray:

Dear God, You are more powerful than any storm or scary situation. Please be with me when I face storms. Give me peace and help me to trust in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.