66.2 – Devotion

For the most part, water is a pretty ordinary thing. We use it every day, but did you know that water can cut through rock and metal? It’s true! It’s also essential to life. All life on earth, from the smallest plant to the largest animal, depends on water to live—including us! Not so ordinary after all, right?

Lots of times, things that seem ordinary have a lot more to them than we think. From the outside, the Bible might look pretty ordinary, like any other book. But the Bible isn’t just any book; it’s the perfect Word of God. Every word in the Bible is true and holds extraordinary power. Through His Word and the Holy Spirit, God opens our hearts to learn about and believe in Jesus.

We might sometimes feel ordinary, but God makes us extraordinary too. When the Word of God is combined with water in Baptism, God makes us His children and forgives us. The Holy Spirit lives in us so that we can believe in Jesus and share His Word. What could be more extraordinary than that? God wants everyone to believe in Jesus and be saved, and He uses His Spirit working through us to do that. While we might see ourselves as ordinary people, God sees us as vessels for Him to live inside. That’s something pretty extraordinary.

  1. What is special about the Bible?
  2. What does the Holy Spirit do in us?
  3. What is another way God uses something or someone ordinary to do something extraordinary?

Let’s pray:

God, You do extraordinary things all the time. Thank You for sending us Your Holy Spirit and Your Word so we can learn about You and believe in You. Please send Your Spirit to live in us so we can serve You by sharing Your Word with others. In Your name we pray. Amen.