22.3 – Devotion

In 2014, scientists found that ants can lift up to 5,000 times their body weight! Isn’t that amazing? If your body was like that, you could easily lift a car, and maybe even an entire house! It’s surprising to learn that something as tiny as an ant is so incredibly strong.

God’s plan for David was surprising to everyone. Israel thought God would send them a tall, popular man to be their king. Everyone was surprised when Jesse’s youngest son was anointed! When Goliath, a scary, nine-foot-tall warrior threatened Israel, no one expected tiny, young David to defeat him without armor or fancy weapons! When David finally had the chance to get back at Saul, after Saul tried to kill David so many times, everyone was surprised that David had mercy on Saul and let him go! On his own, David was young, ordinary, and unsurprising. God used David to lead Israel, save them from their enemies, and teach them about God’s mercy.

We’re a lot like David. On our own, we aren’t very special. Maybe you think you’re untalented, uninteresting, or easy to forget. We all sin and disobey God all the time. He still uses us to care for His people and spread His Word! God guides us and gives us gifts and talents to share His love with those around us. He is always with us, and He gives us courage when He calls us to do big, scary things. Just like God used David, God uses us to surprise everyone with His power and wisdom!

  1. What gifts and talents has God given you?
  2. How has God used other people to take care of you and share His Word with you?
  3. How has God used you in surprising ways?

Let’s pray:

Dear God, we are sinful and ordinary on our own, but You make us special and use us in surprising ways! Please help us to serve You with the gifts and talents You give us. Give us courage when You call us to do big, scary things. In Jesus’ name. Amen.