15.1 – Devotion

What is your best talent? Maybe you play an instrument or a sport. Maybe you are an awesome cook, an impressive writer, or a great friend. How do you feel when people ask you to use your talents to help them?

When Israel was leaving Egypt and traveling to the Promised Land, God gave them instructions to build a tent church that they could carry with them. This tabernacle was very important because God Himself lived inside of it! The priests would pray, worship, and make sacrifices inside the tabernacle, and God would forgive the Israelites’ sins.

The tabernacle was very important, so God chose important people to help build it. He did not choose a famous architect or a renowned interior designer to help—He chose regular people like you and me! Israelites who were talented builders and crafters helped to construct the tabernacle, and other Israelites gave them the materials they needed. God gave them their talents, then He chose them to use those talents to build His church.

God gave you all your talents, and He also uses you for very important purposes! He might use you in church to welcome others with a smile, sing His praises loudly, and help your pastors and church workers. He might use you at home, school, or somewhere else to encourage, help others, and tell about His love. No matter how old you are or how talented you think you are, God is using you to do His work and take care of His people!

  1. What talents did God give to people in your family, at your church, and in your school? How do they use their talents to serve God and take care of you?
  2. How can you use your talents to serve God and others?
  3. What would you say to someone who does not feel talented or important?

Let’s pray:

Dear God, thank You for using us to do Your work and take care of Your people. Thank You for the talents You give us, even when we do not see them. Help us to use our talents to serve You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.