11.1 – Devotion

Every day, stories of heroes rescuing people from dangerous situations go viral online. Like the story of Roscindo Lopez, a New Yorker who rescued his neighbor from an apartment fire by creating a bridge to his window using a ladder. Thanks to Lopez and the firefighters, his neighbor was safe and sound and left the scene with only minor injuries. For every story we hear about a good Samaritan rescuing or helping a stranger, there are so many others that we’ll never know about. In dangerous emergency situations, we can be thankful that first responders and good Samaritans are there to help.

While these people are very important for keeping us safe in our world, they can’t do everything. We face the struggles of temptation and sin daily. These are extremely dangerous situations, and we can’t do anything to save ourselves from them, no matter how much we try. Thankfully and mercifully, we have an all-powerful rescuer—God Himself! Only God has the power to rescue us from sin, and He does it by sacrificing His only Son, Jesus, in our place. God has been rescuing His people for all of history, all the way from the Israelites to us today. Through Jesus’ death, God rescues us from our sin and gives us the promise of eternal life with Him. We are rescued by God’s grace and Jesus’ death, today, and forever.

  1. Who do you think of when you hear the word rescuer?
  2. Why do we need God to be our rescuer? Why can’t we rescue ourselves?
  3. How does God rescue us?

Let’s pray:

Dear God, thank You for being our rescuer. We know that we can’t save ourselves from our sin, and that we need You. Help us to not sin and to act in ways that please You. Thank You for giving us Your Son, Jesus, so that we can be forgiven and live with You forever. In Your name we pray. Amen.