70.Pre – Devotion

In Revelation, John gives us a breathtaking description of the new heavens and the new earth. He writes that the city and its streets are made of pure gold that is as clear as glass. He says that there will be no night, no sadness, and nothing unclean there. There won’t be any evil or lies or sin. There aren’t any temples or churches because God Himself lives there!

Will we belong there? We’re sinful. We do evil and tell lies all the time. Our unclean hearts wouldn’t be allowed in such a holy place. We can’t meet God face-to-face when we disobey Him all the time.

If you rolled around in a bunch of mud, you probably wouldn’t be allowed into a wedding. The bride and groom wouldn’t want you tracking dirt and leaving stains on the beautiful decorations. If you gave the bride a hug, you would ruin her white dress! If the bride and groom love you and want to celebrate with you, they’ll let you in once you take a bath and put on clean clothes.

On our own, we can’t clean ourselves up to enter the new heavens and new earth. No matter how hard we try, we are always sinful, and we don’t deserve to be let in. God loves us so much, and He wants to be with us! That’s why He sent Jesus to die on the cross and rise again. In your Baptism, God washed away your sin. Because of Jesus, God says that you can enter the new heavens and the new earth and live with Him forever!

  1. What are the new heavens and the new earth going to be like? What are you most excited to see and do there?
  2. Have you seen pictures or movies that depict heaven? How are they like or unlike John’s description?
  3. How does John’s description of the new heavens and new earth make you feel? Excited? Anxious? Hopeful? Why?

Let’s pray:

Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus to die on the cross and rise again so that we can live with You forever. Thank You for the gift of Baptism, which washes our sins away and makes us clean. Please prepare a place for us in the new heavens and new earth! In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.