18.K – Devotion

Do you know what a judge is? To us, a judge is usually someone who decides between right and wrong, solves arguments, and gives fair punishments. In the Old Testament, judges were a bit different. Instead of sitting in a courtroom, they stood on a battlefield while they served as leaders and heroes of the military.

You might remember that while Israel wandered in the wilderness, they often complained to God and disobeyed Him, even though He gave them everything they needed. This didn’t change once they got to the Promised Land! Israel was living in the beautiful home that God gave them, but instead of being thankful, they disobeyed God and did evil things.

Because Israel sinned, they had to face consequences. Their enemies would defeat them and rule over them for many years. God was still with them the whole time, and eventually He would give them the gift of a judge! The judge would lead Israel’s military to defeat their enemies in miraculous ways. Israel’s victory showed how mighty God is!

There were many judges in the Old Testament. Israel would forget about God and sin again and again, but God never gave up on them! He always forgave them, and He kept sending the gift of a judge to save them. God will never give up on you, either! Even when you sin again and again, God will always forgive you. He sent Jesus to save us, and Jesus’ victory over death is forever!

  1. Are there sins you commit again and again, even though you know they are wrong? Ask God for forgiveness.
  2. How does God fight our enemies of sin and death?
  3. How can you tell others about God’s might and strength?

Let’s pray:

Dear God, we confess that we forget You and sin against You again and again. Thank You for always being patient with us and forgiving us. We praise You for sending Jesus to win victory over death! In Jesus’ name. Amen.