5.K – Devotion

In the last lesson, we saw that God called Abram to be a blessing to the whole world. Through Abram, God would send the Savior of the world! This special family was chosen by God to bless the whole world. Abram and Sarai even got new names: Abraham and Sarah. These new names would remind them of God’s promises.

But would God keep His promises? That was a big question for Abraham. Sometimes, Abraham tried to do things his way. Sometimes, he had to trust that God meant what He said. No matter what, God kept His promises to Abraham. Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah. Isaac’s family line would lead to Jesus. In Jesus, all people could be saved through faith in Him, the promised Messiah.

Do you keep all the promises you make? Has anyone ever broken a promise to you? It’s sad to say, but we fail. We break our promises, but God keeps every promise He makes. God the Father promised that Jesus would come, and He did. Jesus promised to die and rise, and He did. Jesus promises to be with us always, and He is. He promises to come back someday, and He will.

Even though we live in a world of broken promises, we know that we can always trust in the promises of God. Sometimes, we sin and don’t trust God’s promises. Sometimes, we try to do things our own way. God also promises to forgive us when we say we’re sorry and ask for forgiveness in Jesus’ name.

  1. What other promises does God give us?
  2. God has kept all of His promises. What does that mean for the promises still to come?
  3. What are ways that we try to take things into our own hands and do things our way? Why is it better to trust God’s plan and promises?

Let’s pray:

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for Your loving promises, and thank You for always keeping them! Forgive us when we don’t trust You and try to do things our way. Thank You for Your promise to forgive us in the name of Jesus. In His name we pray. Amen.