3.2 – Devotion

Have you ever used a recipe? If you follow the recipe’s instructions exactly, you’ll end up with something delicious, like a birthday cake! If you skip any of the steps, you might end up with something disgusting.

God gave the first people very specific instructions. He told Adam and Eve to have children and fill the earth. He wanted the whole world to be filled with people who would love Him and bring Him glory. Adam, Eve, and all their descendants didn’t follow the instructions. They were proud and they thought that they knew best, so they disobeyed Him.

Pretty quickly, Adam and Eve’s descendants found out that they didn’t know best. They had to face the punishment for what they did. In Noah’s time, a flood wiped out almost every living thing on the entire earth. At the tower of Babel, God made it so everyone spoke different languages and lived far away from one another.

Even though these people had to face punishment for what they had done, God still used it for good! God saved Noah and his family from the flood. He sent Jesus to save people who speak every language and who come from every place on earth.

Maybe sometimes you think you know best. Instead of following God’s instructions, you disobey Him and you hurt others. God sent Jesus to save you, and He wants to use your life for good! Even when we mess up God’s instructions, we can’t mess up His plan to save us.

  1. Where do we find God’s instructions for us?
  2. Which of God’s instructions are sometimes hard for you to follow? Thank God for forgiving you!
  3. How has God used your life for good, even when you haven’t obeyed Him?

Let’s pray:

Dear God, thank You for giving us instructions in Your Word. Forgive us when we don’t follow them. Thank You for sending Your Son to save us and using our lives for good, even when we disobey You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.