42.K – Devotion

God made you a complex person with many different personality traits, interests, and talents. You can help others to get to know you in all your complexity by saying “I am” statements such as “I am helpful” and “I am a baseball player.” Try coming up with a few “I am” statements right now!

Many people have different ideas of who Jesus is, and their ideas may not come from the Bible. Some people think Jesus is just a good person, or just a teacher, or maybe a liar or a crazy person. Some people think that Jesus came to earth just to show us how we should live or just to teach us about God.

Jesus’ “I am” statements make it clear who Jesus is. He doesn’t just teach us about God; He is God Himself! He provides for all our needs. He is the only way to get to heaven. He gives us new life. Find and read through each of Jesus’ “I am” statements and discuss them with a family member, teacher, or pastor. What does each statement mean? What does it tell us about who Jesus is?

Jesus’ “I am” statements also remind us of God’s mercy. We are sinful, and we don’t deserve for God to love us and take care of us. Even though we disobey and disrespect Him all the time, God still gives us so many good gifts. Jesus is the best of those gifts! In Jesus, we are forgiven, and we have more than we could ever want or need.

  1. Who is Jesus? What do His “I am” statements teach us about Him?
  2. Jesus said, “I am the door of the sheep.” A door helps you get into a place. How does Jesus help us get into heaven?
  3. Jesus said, “I am the bread of life.” How does God give us food? Where do we see bread in church, and what amazing gift does God give us in that bread?

Let’s pray:

Dear Jesus, You are loving, merciful, and truly God. Thank You for giving us everything we need, even though we don’t deserve it. Thank You for giving us eternal life with You. In Your name. Amen.