17.4 – Devotion

If you want to take a vacation to the island of Tristan da Cunha, you can’t just hop on a plane because it doesn’t have an airport. You must go all the way to South Africa and spend six days on a boat before you arrive. It usually takes a whole year just to schedule a trip!

It’s hard to get to Tristan da Cunha, but it was even harder for Israel to get to the Promised Land. They had to cross the Jordan River to get there, and once they arrived, they had to fight their enemies to stay! On their own, Israel wouldn’t have made it. God performed a miracle to help them cross the Jordan, and He used Rahab, Joshua, and another miracle to defeat their enemies.

God promises us a home in heaven with Him, but Satan tries to keep us from getting in. Satan knows that sinful people can’t be with God, so he tempts us to sin (and we sin a lot). Satan tries to convince us that we don’t need God, and sometimes we believe him. On our own, there’s no way we would get to heaven.

Even though we sin, God still loves us and He wants us to be with Him in heaven! He sent Jesus to die on the cross to take away our sins. He forgives us every day when we sin, and He helps us fight against Satan. Heaven is way harder to reach than Tristan da Cunha or even the Promised Land, but God overcame all obstacles to get us there.

  1. How does it make you feel to know that God has a home in heaven for you?
  2. How does Satan try to keep you away from God?
  3. How does God help you fight against Satan?

Let’s pray:

Dear God, thank You for promising us a home in heaven. We confess that we are sinful, and we don’t deserve to be with You. Thank You for fighting Satan and forgiving our sins so that we can live with You forever. In Jesus’ name. Amen.