52.3 – Devotion

What would you do if an elephant showed up at your dinner table? What if everything you own turned orange one day? What if your dog actually ate your homework?

Those surprises are funny and strange, but some surprises are just sad, as when a family member dies. This also happened to families in the Bible; they had planned to have long, happy lives together as a family, but their plans were ruined by the horrible surprise of death.

Jesus is great at surprises! He sure surprised these people by bringing their family members back to life! It didn’t seem possible for someone to come back to life after dying. Jesus is truly God, and He can do things that nobody else can imagine, including raising the dead! The worst surprise ever turned into an amazing surprise when these families had their loved ones back again.

As amazing as that surprise was, it doesn’t compare to the best surprise of all, which happened a little while later when Jesus rose from the dead Himself! His followers were so sad when He died. They thought that was the last time they’d ever see Him, but they got to see Him face-to-face just a few days later after He had defeated death.

Resurrection was a wonderful surprise for the families in the Bible lesson today—they not only got to spend more time with their loved ones on earth but, because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, they also got to live and praise God together eternally! This surprise is for you too! Because Jesus defeated death, you get to live with Him forever.

  1. What is the best surprise you’ve ever had? Thank God for His gift of good surprises!
  2. How is Jesus’ resurrection a good surprise for people in the Bible and for us?
  3. Where can you find hope when you face bad surprises?

Let’s pray:

Dear God, thank You for all the good surprises You give us. Most of all, thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, to defeat death for us. Help us to praise You now and forever for the life You’ve given us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.