7.3 – Devotion

Do you know someone who likes to play practical jokes? A person like that is sometimes called a trickster.

Jokes can be funny, but when those jokes hurt others, it can be a real problem! Jacob was a son of Isaac, and he was definitely a trickster. His tricks hurt his brother, his dad, and even his mom—who gave the idea for one of his tricks.

Jacob was an adult, but he had to run away from his family because he hurt them so much. Then, he was tricked by others. His life was getting very tricky with all these tricks!

Did God love this trickster? God loves everyone, so the answer is a yes! Jacob had a lot to learn, and his tricks made his life harder. But God had made a promise that Jacob’s family would be the family line for Jesus.

God gave Jacob a lesson, a dream, a promise, and even a new name: Israel. He also gave Jacob lots of land, animals, and children. Eventually, Jacob even received forgiveness from his family. Best of all, he received forgiveness from God.

  1. When are jokes funny? When are they a bad idea?
  2. Jacob made lots of mistakes. What can we learn from Jacob’s life?
  3. God keeps His promises, even when we seem to mess them up. How does this give you comfort?

Let’s pray:

Dear heavenly Father, some of us are tricksters. Some of us are mean. Some of us complain. All of us sin. Thank You for loving us no matter what, and thank You for sending Jesus to rescue us from our sin by dying and rising again. In His name we pray. Amen.