29.2 – Devotion

Have you ever heard of an oxymoron? Can you think of one off the top of your head? If you didn’t know before, an oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines two words that are opposite of each other, like a pretty ugly little giant. Oxymorons don’t seem like they should make sense, but, somehow, they do. Here’s another one: a sinful saint. For example: you are a sinful saint.

All people are sinful, including the kings of Israel and Judah—including you. Sin is a serious problem and puts us right in the path of God’s judgment. God has told us what not to do, and yet we still do it. Sin is part of our nature, passed down to us all the way from Adam and Eve, and there’s no way for us to stop it. Because we sin, we don’t deserve anything.

We deserve punishment for our sins, just like Israel and Judah. But God always forgives us and spares us from the harshest punishment, death. When Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross, He took all our sins on Himself and died in our place. Instead of punishing us, God mercifully forgives and blesses us. He gave us His Word and pastors and teachers to teach it to us, just like He gave Judah faithful kings. God promises that we won’t die but will live with Him in heaven. We are living oxymorons—sinful because of our nature, but saints because of God.

  1. What did God give us instead of punishment for our sins?
  2. What makes us sinful? What makes us saints?
  3. How did God remain faithful to Judah? How did He punish them?

Let’s pray:

Dear God, we know that we are sinful people and that we do not deserve Your blessings. Forgive us for our sins and continue to bless us. Thank You for the gift of Jesus, who died for us on the cross, and for the promise of life in heaven with You. In Your name we pray. Amen.