45.1 – Devotion

Online shopping is now a staple to getting what you need quickly. You can find pretty much anything you need. Need a new book to read? Find one online. Looking for a new outfit? Yep, that’s online too.  Do you need groceries? Order them online and pick them up. The internet provides so many of our needs now that some people say it’s too easy. Whatever it is that you want or need, you can probably find it somewhere online.

While online shopping might provide for some of our wants and needs, it definitely doesn’t come close to filling them all. We need food, but how do we pay for it? We need support, but who do we get it from? We need salvation, but where can we find it?

In all these cases, the answer is God. In the Small Catechism, Martin Luther writes that “[God] richly and daily provides me with all that I need to support this body and life” (Creed, First Article). He provides us with jobs so we can purchase food and other things we need. He gives us family and friends who love and support us in our lives. He gives us forgiveness and salvation through Jesus’ death and resurrection. There is nothing that God cannot do, and we can trust in Him because He is all-powerful. God gives us absolutely everything we need, and with Him, we lack nothing.

  1. What is one need that you have? How does God provide for you?
  2. Think of someone from the Bible. How did God provide for that person?
  3. Does God use people to provide for one another? If so, how?

Let’s pray:

Heavenly Father, You have graciously provided for our every need, from our physical needs to our spiritual needs. Thank You for loving and caring for us and for providing us with the ultimate gift of forgiveness and salvation through Jesus. Help us to trust in You and Your care. Amen.