39.1 – Devotion

Did you know they recently removed the word gullible from the dictionary?

If you fell for that, you might need to look up the definition of gullible. Gullible people will believe almost anything you tell them and fall for silly tricks, like the first sentence of this devotion.

When Jesus said “Follow Me” to many of His disciples, they left their entire lives behind to follow Him. Were they just gullible? No, God gave them an amazing faith! Because they followed Jesus, they got to learn from Him and see His glory in a way that most people didn’t. Most of Jesus’ disciples taught about Him for their entire lives and died for their faith.

Jesus calls us to follow Him and share His Word with those around us. We don’t always show the same great faith that the disciples did. Sometimes we skip reading the Bible and praying because we’re tired or busy. We don’t share our faith with others because it’s difficult or awkward. We follow Jesus when it’s easy, but we leave Him behind when it gets tough.

When we turn away from Jesus, Jesus calls us back! Nathanael had some doubts when Jesus called him, but Jesus showed that He is all knowing, and Nathanael believed and followed Jesus. Jesus calls us back by showing us what He has done for us. The Holy Spirit uses the Bible and Sacraments to strengthen our faith and remind us of Jesus’ love for us. Jesus gives us the faith to follow Him when we don’t have it ourselves.

  1. Who do you know that has a great faith? Describe their faith.
  2. What gifts does God give you to strengthen your faith?
  3. What does it mean to you to follow Jesus? What does it look like in your daily life?

Let’s pray:

Dear Jesus, thank You for calling us. We want to follow You! Give us faith and courage to follow You wherever You lead us, even when it gets difficult. In Your name. Amen.