37.1 – Devotion

When you were a baby, your family probably wondered what you’d be like when you grew up. They might have tried to picture your little face with longer hair and bigger features, and they might have watched you play and tried to figure out your personality. Babies and children change a lot as they grow and develop, but sometimes they give you a clue about their future lives.

When Jesus was a baby, His parents took Him to the temple. Simeon and Anna immediately realized Jesus was the promised Savior! They praised God and they told His parents that God sent Him to save people. When Jesus was a kid, His parents took Him on a trip to Jerusalem. They lost Him, so they looked all over and eventually found Him in the temple, speaking with the religious teachers. Everyone was amazed at Jesus’ wisdom and how much He knew about God!

Jesus’ childhood gave some important clues about what He would do as an adult. Jesus grew up to save the world and teach us about God. Those weren’t the first clues about Jesus, though. God gave His people clues about Jesus for thousands of years, when He promised a Savior and gave them prophets to tell about the Savior.

The Bible gives us clues about Jesus too! God tells us that Jesus will come again someday and call all His people to live forever with Him. You might change as you grow older, but Jesus will never change. He will always be your Savior, and you can count on meeting Him someday!

  1. What were you like as a baby? Praise God for always being with you as you grow up!
  2. How do the Bible’s clues about Jesus give us hope?
  3. What clues does the Bible give us about Jesus’ second coming and our eternal life?

Let’s pray:

Dear Jesus, thank You for being our Savior and teacher. We know that You never change. You will always be our Savior. Help us trust in You as we wait for You to come again. In Your name. Amen.