6.Pre – Devotion

What does the perfect family look like? Maybe you have friends who always seem to have perfect pictures of their perfect days. Maybe you’ve read books or seen movies where a family seems to have everything together. Are you the perfect family? Maybe you never fight or get tired of each other. Maybe you’re always willing to help and do extra chores. Maybe everyone is always happy all the time.

Or maybe not. In fact, definitely not. Why? Because there are no perfect families. Even families who seem perfect still sin, because every family is made up of sinners. No one is perfect, so no one has a perfect family.

God kept His promise to Abraham and Sarah to give them a son, who was named Isaac. Isaac grew up, and his family would someday grow from generation to generation to include Jesus. But Isaac’s family was far from perfect. Isaac and Rebekah loved each other very much, but they didn’t always agree. They picked favorites when it came to their sons. And those sons fought! There was also lying and all kinds of problems.

Did God kick them out of His chosen family? No. He made a promise. He knew that sinners would be sinful, but He stayed faithful. He used this imperfect family to bring forth Jesus, the perfect Son of God, who came to save all sinners and bring all people into His family.

Through faith, we are now brothers and sisters of Jesus. We’re part of one big family! We’re not perfect, but we are forgiven because God keeps His promises.

  1. What is one thing that you love about your family?
  2. What is one way that you can show love to your family members?
  3. If we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, what does it mean to be in the same family with those in your classroom or with others around the world?

Let’s pray:

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for Your Son. Thank You for calling us Your children. It’s wonderful to be forgiven and to be included in Your family. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.