59.4 – Devotion

Have you ever been reunited with someone? Perhaps you had to spend a long time away from a family member or friend before you could see that person again. While you’re apart, you both miss each other a lot and spend time remembering the memories you had together. Then when you’re reunited, it’s a celebration of joy and excitement! These reunions might not get to happen often, so they’re extra special. Other times, someone very close to us might have to leave for a short while, but it feels longer because of how important the person is to us. Parents, siblings, or children might leave on a short trip, and while we know they’ll be back soon, the reunion is still just as joyful as it would have been if they were gone for a longer time. Being away from someone we love so much can be challenging, even if it’s just for a few days.

Jesus’ disciples were having a very challenging time after Good Friday. They weren’t just missing their friend, they were also mourning the loss of their teacher, leader, and Lord. No matter how much they missed Him, the disciples couldn’t do anything to bring Jesus back from the dead. Thankfully, their time apart was short, since Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning! Their reunions were full of a wonder and joy that could not be matched by anything else.

Just like the disciples before Easter morning, we are also waiting to be reunited with Jesus. Because He died for us and forgave us of our sins, we will live with Him in heaven forever. He also promises that one day He will come back to earth to bless those who believe in Him. Both of these reunions will be so joyful! Praise be to God!

Call: Alleluia! He is risen!
Response: He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

  1. Have you ever been reunited with someone? How did it feel before? after?
  2. Imagine how the disciples felt when they were reunited with Jesus. What might they have been thinking?
  3. How will we be reunited with Jesus?

Let’s pray:

Dear Jesus, thank You for dying for us. Thank You for forgiving us of all our sins and for promising that we will be reunited with You. Please be with us until that day comes. Protect us from all danger, and help us to serve You with our words and actions. In Your name we pray. Amen.