49.4 – Devotion

Have you ever won an award? How did it feel when you won? It probably felt great! Your teammates and classmates were cheering, your family was so proud, and you couldn’t wait to tell everyone!

Winning an award makes you feel talented and special, but other times you might not feel that way. You don’t feel special when it seems like no one pays attention to you. You don’t feel talented when you just can’t seem to figure something out. Sometimes you might feel forgotten or unloved, but God says that’s not true!

Jesus told several parables to remind us that He loves us no matter what. When we feel like a lost coin or sheep that no one else would care about, He promises to search for us and save us. When we disobey Him like the lost son disrespected his father, He forgives us and celebrates when we say we’re sorry. He tells us that no matter where we are, He will come find us to give us faith and salvation, like the servants looked for wedding guests and the sower scattered seeds.

God always loves you. Whether you’ve won an amazing award, or you don’t feel talented or special at all, He says you’re special because He made you and He loves you. Whether you’ve done your best to obey Him or you’ve sinned against Him all day long, God always forgives you. There’s nothing you can do to make Him love you any more or any less!

  1. Describe a time you felt lost, forgotten, or unloved. Thank God that He always loves you and forgives you!
  2. Think of someone you know who might feel lost. How can you remind him or her of God’s love and forgiveness this week?
  3. How can you stay focused on God’s love and forgiveness when others will encourage you to focus on your own awards and accomplishments?

Let’s pray:

Dear God, thank You for always loving us, no matter what! Please be with us on good days and bad days, whether we feel talented and special or lost and forgotten. Forgive us when we sin and help us to focus on Your love instead of our awards. In Jesus’ name. Amen.