62.3 – Devotion

So, what’s an apostle, anyway? You might have heard this word being used to describe people in the New Testament, but what does it actually mean? This word comes from an old Greek word apostolos, which meant a messenger or someone who was sent. Jesus’ apostles were the people whom Jesus specifically called and sent to share His message with others. They often traveled far distances, and the Holy Spirit worked miracles through them. This showed people the power of God.

You may have also heard these people being called His disciples. This word came from an old Latin word meaning learner or student. They listened closely to what Jesus taught and followed His command. After Jesus taught His disciples, He sent them out into the world to proclaim His message and share what He had taught them. These disciples were also apostles.

Today, we are Jesus’ disciples. He has told us to listen to His Word and learn about Him. Although we don’t call ourselves apostles, God has also told us to share His message with others. We might not heal people or raise them from the dead, but we can care for our neighbors like Jesus would have done. The Holy Spirit works in us so that we can love those around us and help people in need. We can share the Good News of how Jesus has saved us.

  1. What is an apostle?
  2. How are we disciples?
  3. How do people who don’t believe in Jesus expect Christians to act? How should Christians act?

Let’s pray:

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to Your apostles to share Your Word with many people. Please send Your Spirit to us so that we can also share Your message with those around us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.